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30 years of underwater experience are invested into each Hartenberger underwater lamp. Our concepts in the design and construction of rechargeable hand lamps have been examples for the industry for many years. New products are developed using a combination of established and proven electronics, with modern advanced technology, these new products go on to become milestones in the development of underwater lighting.

We are the first manufacturer of underwater lamps with the following features:

  • Plug in re-chargeable power packs
  • Increased performance through the intelligent use of over-voltage
    Remaining cell capacity indicator
  • Low cell capacity warning
  • SOS-distress signal for emergencies
  • Illuminated LED display for State of charge, illumination setting and remaining burn time
  • Plug in modules to easily switch between halogen bulbs, gas discharge bulbs and LED elements
  • Application of safe, high performance lithium manganese re-chargeable cells.



Conception with Know-How
Our lamps are constructed and assembled using a modular system, allowing combinations regarding capacity, function and quality of design.
The foundation of all Hartenberger underwater lamps is the lavishly built housing. The high degree of pressure proof integrity results from the precision designed and manufactured O ring surfaces (slip and compression seals), and the absence of any mechanical penetrations of the housing. The housing cover plate can be removed and refitted without the need of tools.
High quality O Rings with a hardness of 50° assure a reliable seal. Each unit is tested to a pressure of 10 bars, (147 psi), however the implosion pressure resistance of the housings is a depth of approx. 200 meters of water.
(Special orders available to 1000 meters). The housing components are turned on modern computer controlled lathes.
The plug in cell packs can be changed in seconds for simple and quick replacement when empty. If a cell pack is defective, this allows the user to replace a cell pack rather and avoids the need to return the lamp to a workshop for cell replacement.



As a result of our extensive experience over many years in the field of underwater lighting, we are able to give a 5 year guarantee against material and manufacturing defects on the aluminium housing and all plastic parts.

We are the first manufacturer to give a 2 year warranty for the re-chargeable cells on certain models.
If the cell packs fails within 30 months of purchase, we have a generous scheme of replacement where we burden some of the expense should a cell pack fail.