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Wreck maxi electronic HID

The lamp set wreck maxi gas discharge (HID) is equipped with a 10 watt gas discharge element complete with the necessary ignition circuitry. The illumination produced from the element is equivalent to a 30 watt halogen bulb.
The colour temperature of the element is 6000°K and compared to a standard halogen bulb with 3600°K, it is a colder light.
The colour reproduction of red underwater, is therefore not as intensive as a halogen bulb. The penetration of the high blue content light is however extremely efficient and makes it ideal for fresh water diving activities.
There is no power adjustment feature on these lamps.


The micro processor which has been especially developed for this lamp, has a variety of monitoring and safety functions which control the condition of the circuitry including:
-Stabilising the flow of current and the service voltage during the entire operation.
-The gas discharge element can only be re-activated after at least 8 seconds of cooling down.
-The gas discharge element will only shut down after the minimum 8 second warming-up phase is completed.